Kitten Cannon

In the game Kitten Cannon, you must fire a little kitty out of a cannon at all the right angles to make him fly as far as possible before he finally dies or runs out of momentum. Explosives, balloon bombs, and trampolines will give your kitten a nice boost launching him higher in the air and further down the map for even more points. Keep the Kitten from hitting the always deadly spikes and keep him well away from the evil venus fly trap plants or else the kitty could be stopped where he is and you won't get as far as you could've. Experiment with different angles and velocities as you fire the kitten. Remember that the highest angle and the maximum velocity aren't always the best choices. If you're very lucky, you could get into the 1,000's. I've done it many times but then I've also played this addicting game a million times. You'll see what I mean when you start playing Kitten Cannon.

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