Bug On A Wire

In the flash game Bug On A Wire, you play the role of a bug who must run along a wire (no really?) and avoid obstacles along the way. Jump, Dip, Duck, Dodge, and Jump your way around those annoying Crows. See how long you can last before finally dying while tracking your progress on the timer at the top of the screen. As you run along the wire, you must shift left and right to avoid the crows (because they'll eat you!). You can also use the up arrow to jump the crows but I don't recommend using this unless it is a last ditch option because you will have to get the timing just right. You don't have to jump over the telephone wire boxes at the end of each group of wires. Your bug will jump them automatically with no need to press the up key. The crows can only get you if you are on their wire, so there is no need to be nervous about, for example, running between two crows. Hopefully, you can get your little bug further along the wire than I did.

click the "Bug On A Wire" text to Begin
[ Arrows: Use the arrow keys to shift between the telephone wires ]

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